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Brandley is a privately held Business Solutions company based in Mumbai, India. From its conception in the year 2012, we made sure that we set our foot into the massive universe of internet ventures and which we knew the best and since then we have been making strides towards creating innovative and strategic benchmarks across the realm of digital marketing, with an adept talent pool and hunger for perfection we have been delivering the best results, bringing new market trends and have brought in more business for all our clients. include landing page optimization, SEO services, content marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce marketing, Facebook & Twitter apps development, web analytics, and PPC management.

Undertaking creative development, content management, digital marketing and web development activities, we believe in our clients’ ideas and work together to make them happen.

We wish to conquer the world and create awe-inspiring digital footprints all across the globe. Imagine your brand among the top of your industry? Our team shall assist you in achieving your dream.

We are located at – Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Neel Mapara
Branding & Marketing Consultant

Branding & Marketing Expert.
Experience : 8 Years +

Industry : Branding | Marketing Digital Marketing |Films

Jay Datta
Strategic Consultant

Business Strategy Expert.
Experience : 10 Years +

Industry : Finance | Training | Real Estate | E-Commerce

Raghupati Venkatesh
Admin Head

Administration Expert.
Experience : 7 Years +

Industry : Printing | Business Collateral | Logistics | Digital Marketing

Manoj Pradhan
Business Relationship Manager

Business Relations Expert.
Experience : 10 Years +

Industry : Banking | Telecommunication | Hospitality |Customer Service

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